Here is a list of topics I have blogged about or plan on blogging about. The topics marked green already have been posted, the topics marked blue are topics that are set in stone to be written in that order, and topics marked in yellow have yet to be ordered.

  1. Generic Game Loop [link] 

    designing game to have generic game loops like fixed time step, fixed time step and interpolation, variable, etc.

  2. Managing Game Entities  [link]

    efficiently adding, updating, drawing, and removing entities from your game.

  3. Probability Map

    an item X has a Y% chance of occurring, return a random item based on the chances

  4. 3d Camera

    fov, distance from focal point, yaw, pitch roll, vibrations, movement

  5. Compressed Integers

    writing/reading integer values for file formats and networking

  6. Tiny Format

    a compressed format structured like XML, but down to 1% the size

  7. Fast and Efficient Particle System Design

    quickly drawing and updating particle effects and caching particles

  8. Generic Shape Intersection Detection

    generic shape intersections, containment, distance, normals, etc

  9. Spatial Database

    intersections, k-nearest-neighbor queries, etc

  10. Linked Lists in Games

    O(1) adding and removal and node reuse and caching

  11. Tiled Map Collision Detection and Resolution

    efficiently managing collisions between entities and tiled maps

  12. Steering Behaviors

    new Object-Oriented design for steering behaviors (compared to OpenSteer)

  13. Easings 

    and animations

  14. Generic Springs

    for animations

  15. Generic Bezier Path with N Points

    computing a point along a generic bezier path with any number of points

  16. Managing Game Assets

    with background loading

  17. Spritesheets

    splitting a texture up into tiles used for drawing static and animated sprites

  18. Live Game Debugging and Profiling

    using the command line while the game is running to gather statistics and debug

  19. Drawing Sprites

    drawing large number of sprites as quickly as possible

  20. Cutting Meshes

    cutting a mesh into pieces

  21. Memory Management

    methods of managing memory in automatic AND manual memory managed games

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